Find A Classic Car Show Near You

For gear-heads and fans of classic automobiles, attending a car show can be a very rewarding experience. Missing out on your chance to see some of the most unique and beautifully restored classic cars, meet others who share your interests and take part in all the fun and excitement that a car show has to offer could be a serious oversight. Learning more about the shows, events and expos that are scheduled to take place, both in your area and anywhere you may be willing
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What Materials Are Cars Made Out Of

The manufacturing process used to produce automobiles has evolved tremendously through the years. While hulking, all-steel behemoths once ruled the road, today the emphasis appears to be on safety and fuel economy.

Automobiles are still constructed using lots of steel and other metals, however, an increasing amount of newer materials have been introduced by the industry. A car’s interior, in particular, is now comprised mostly of plastic and similar materials.

Most of the automobiles that are
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Differences Between Classic And Modern Cars

Many people who are interested in classic cars are attracted by the looks. Classic cars tended to have sharper edges, lots of chrome and flashy elements such as fins. But the differences between classic and modern cars are more than just skin deep.

One of the biggest differences between classic and modern cars is the materials used to build them. Older cars contained a lot more steel compared with modern cars, which are often mostly made of composite materials such
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How Movies Made Certain Classic Cars Popular

Do you ever wonder why certain classic cars are popular and other ones really aren’t? Well, a plethora of reasons exists for this situation. However, one of the reasons is that movies have, both now and in the past, represented classic cars in ways that people love.

For example, some movies will feature beloved celebrities driving classic cars. This doesn’t necessarily mean that fans of the celebrities go out and purchase the vehicles although some may do just that. It does,
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Classic Cars And How They Influence Modern Styles

Classic cars have a lasting impression that defies age. Whether it is at a car show or just passing by on the street, the timeless lines and curves of classic cars incite stares of admiration. The classic rumble of a carbureted V8 engine or the smooth sound of a straight-six makes people turn heads. Many modern cars even take their cues from their classic counterparts. The styling and body dimensions of classic cars have great influence over modern cars.

Some people would love to own a classic car, however, most
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Find A Trustworthy Mechanic For Your Classic Car

Finding a mechanic can be an uphill battle with a car that is still being manufactured, finding a qualified mechanic to work on your classic car can be even more difficult, but it doesn’t have to be. Many of the best mechanics already have great customers so if you’re able to talk to classic car owners that you meet in social settings or at a car show, you can get a number of great references for car mechanics that you would trust to work on your vehicle.Is this new to
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Properly Maintaining Your Classic and New Vehicles

Owning a vehicle is something that many people are proud of. They have invested money into something that they now can call their own. Just like anything else. Though, a car requires maintenance in order for it to function properly. Without proper care and handling, the car will no longer be able to meet the expectations that have been set for it by the owners. Regardless of whether the car is a classic or a new vehicle, it still must receive similar types of maintenance and service procedures. Those who properly take care of their
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Keep Your Car Running For Years

Cars are a major part of our lives. Not only are they one of the most expensive purchases for consumers, but they are often necessary to run errands and make a living. It is possible to avoid many expensive repairs by doing some simple routine maintenance.

Some of the routine maintenance items are common sense; however, some things that might not be so obvious are included in the maintenance schedule for your vehicle. If you do not have the owner’s manual for your car, a repair manual from your local auto parts
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